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Allures-51 Allures 51

The Allures 51 is a prestige yacht for true long-distance cruising, the fruits of a collaboration between boat builders, designers and yachtsmen.

  Allures-45 Allures 45

Seaworthiness and high performance are the qualities that make the Allures 45 a true bluewater cruising yacht.

Allures 39.9 NEW Allures 39.9

An ocean-going yacht, with an aluminum hull, firberglass superstructure and its own character.

  Allures-44 Visit Allures Yachting

Allures Yachting are the designer and manufacturer of Allures yachts. Use these links to visit their website.



Allures-44 Allures 44

The Allures 44 is an aluminium centreboarder designed for open-sea sailing in complete safety, according to new standards of comfort.

  Allures-40 Allures 40

Offering the best combination of aluminium hull and composite superstructure, The Allures 40 offers the best of both worlds.

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