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Decades of selling thousands of Brokerage yachts gives us a superb in depth knowledge of buying and selling. We offer custom services to clients buying privately but wanting to know their Deposit money is safe and the purchase is supported with a legal contract providing the right security and terms as well as clear title and ownership to the vessel. This is the most vital aspect of buying a yacht after finding the one.

  • Private Purchases - Contracts & Secure Banking Facilities
  • Title & ownership verification
  • Valuations
  • Inspections
  • Inventory Checking


With over 40 years of experience of working with several of the UK's Premier Banks offering Marine Finance we have handled thousands of British Registrations and are perfectly placed to advice on the whole process of British and other European Registries.

  • Part 1 British Registrations.
  • Full Title Registration Process.
  • Available to many European Countries.
  • Representative Person Facilities.
  • Ownership Transfers.
  • Change of Name or Port
  • Company Forming -Referral service to specialist Channel Islands experts.
  • Tonnage Surveys up to 24m for MCA - YDSA Certifying Authority
  • British Small Ships Registry
  • Chartering - Advice on MCA Coding requirements
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